Ketil Duckert and IMP at the Soundpainting Laboratory!

We are living exciting times! At the next soundpainting laboratory concert Ketil Duckert from the Danish soundpainting ensemble Borderline will join Helsinki Soundpainting Ensemble on stage during two concerts. We will use minimalistic and polyrythmic textures as a starting point and then see where soundpainting takes us. Don’t miss it! It’s on:

Friday 10.2.2012 at 7 pm and Saturday 11.2.2012 at 7 pm.

After that, on Sunday 12.2.2012, three improvisers from IMP, the impro group of Studentteatern, will be at the soundpainting laboratory. IMP and HSE will create scenes and music based on a theme given to us by the audience. I’m really looking forward to it!

All the performances are at Luckan in Helsinki, Simonkatu 8. You can check out more info at

See you in two weeks!